Narrative Magazine Now Has iOS & Android Apps

Literary publication Narrative has a new iOS and Android app, that gives readers access to the magazine’s entire back catalog for free. This expands the digital readership of the publication beyond just Kindle. The app features stories, poems, essays, interviews, cartoons, and features by authors including Joyce Carol Oates, Tobias Wolff, Alice Munro, E. L. Doctorow,...

Michael O’Driscoll to Create ‘Bedbug Cartoon’ Book Thanks to Kickstarter Fundraiser

Michael O’Driscoll, the creator of the “Bedbug Cartoon” Tumblr page, has raised $6,984 for his compilation title, Bedbug’s Book of Wisdom. The finished 40-page page will contain previously published online comics as well as never before seen cartoons. We’ve embedded a video about the project above. Here’s more from the Kickstarter page: “Each book will...

TVWriter™ Top Posts for the Week Ending 11/15/13

Here they are, the most viewed TVWriter™ posts for the past week: Kathy Sees Iron Man 3 In Case You’re Wondering Why Old Media’s so P.O.ed at Netflix Peggy Bechko: Six Don’ts When Ending Your Story Peggy Bechko: Three Writing Lessons I’ve had to Learn Cartoons: Horror Story And our most viewed resource pages were:...

TVWriter™ Weekend Bonanza

Happy Monday morning. Hope your weekend was great! If you haven’t been to TVWriter™ since Friday you’ve missed new articles on topics such as: Cartoons: Horror Story Peggy Bechko: Sitting Or Standing – A Writer’s Dilemma Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/10/13 Writing and the Creative Life: Mind Wandering In Case You’re...

Robin Reed: The Disney/Marvel Shows You Don’t Know About

Sorry, this isn’t the version of Devil Dinosaur you’ll see in the cartoons this article discusses. Aw… by Robin Reed While the Marvel movies and the upcoming “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” show get the headlines, if you flip c...

Political Cartoonist Launches Kickstarter Project

Political cartoonist and writer Matt Bors hopes to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter for his anthology, Life Begins at Incorporation: Cartoons and Essays by Matt Bors. Bors, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, has created a 225 page-book with cartoons and human essays that profile all the crazy things about America from the year 2012.  We’ve embedded a video about the...

Cartoonist John Callahan Has Died


Cartoonist John Callahan passed away on July 24th. He was 59-years-old.

Readers either loved his cartoons or thought they were written with bad taste. Callahan explained in an interview with the Miami Herald back in 1989: “I’m happiest when I’m offensive. I have a desire to tear people in half. I want to move people out of the suburbs of their mind. I want them to suffer, to feel something real. I have a lot of anger. I want to hurt people. At least a little.”

Callahan published several volumes of cartoon collections. The titles include Do Not Disturb Any Further, What Kind of a God Would Allow a Thing Like This to Happen?!!, and Freaks of Nature. In addition, he also published his autobiography, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot, a fable picture book, The King of Things and the Cranberry Clown, and an alcoholism booklet, I Think I Was an Alcoholic.

The Washington Post
offers two articles reporting on Callahan’s passing. One of them is written by T. Rees Shapiro and the other is from Gene Weingarten. The Shapiro piece tells readers that: “Hollywood comedian Robin Williams owns the movie rights to Mr. Callahan’s life. Should the film ever appear on screen, Mr. Callahan once said, he wanted Philip Seymour Hoffman to star.”

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